Software Update

The latest version of the software can always be found on the github page.

The Compressor Camera requires three distinct parts of software:

The Compressor application

This is the Compressor software used for postprocessing the images. Use Compressor.exe for Windows 10 and the archive for MacOS (unzipping required beforehand). No installation necessary. Just run the application.

If you want to update the compressor application, replace it by downloading the newest version from the github page.

Heads up Mac-users:

The application is not signed with an official Apple security key so OSX/MacOS will complain that the source is untrusted. Do a right-click on the .app file, select open and then confirm that you really want to open the application.


Balena Etcher

The operating system of the Raspberry Pi Zero Linux computer (zeroroot_v1.0.0.img). To update this you need to overwrite the SD-card with the supplied image. I recommend the BalenaEtcher program for this, that’s rather quick and convenient.

Overwriting the SD-card will erase all data! Copy your images beforehand if you did not do that already.

  1. Remove the SD-card from the Pi Zero board, and connect it to your computer.
  2. Open the Balena Etcher, select the downloaded image (zeroroot_vX.Y.Z.img) and the SD-card you just inserted.
  3. Click Flash. You may need to enter your administrator password to give Balena Etcher access to the SD-card. (Flashing will take a minute or two)
  4. Put the SD-card back in the Pi Zero board and start the camera once in maintenance mode (hitting the button while booting). The LED will blink blue for one or two minutes. If the LED stops blinking and remains blue, the update is done and you can switch the camera off again.
  5. The update is now done.


That’s the firmware on the CompressorCameraBoard, managing the power supply, controlling the Linux board, etc. Hopefully you will never need to update this. (If that should ever be necessary a guide will show up here).